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Impact Stories from Malawi

“This man expressed his despair: ’Life has passed me by. I have little left. My body aches.’ We talked about life, aging challenges, and the hope of a pain-free existence with Jesus in the next life.”

What happened next? “That day, a shift occurred. He invited Jesus into his heart,” said Steve Lyons, Director of Logistics. Steve spent six weeks in Malawi this spring working with You Turn Malawi staff and sharing the Gospel in rural villages.

Along with Ricardo who manages the You Turn Malawi office, Steve visited with our orphan Lighthouse staffs in Dedza and Mitundu. The children and staff enjoyed hanging out and sharing meals. The chalk lettering on the walls of the Lighthouse is Scripture and words of encouragement, not your typical graffiti. To Steve’s delight, his name is on the wall! “Love these kids,” says Steve. “I was told the children placed it there for me because I always come to see them.”

Sandra from the Dedza Lighthouse said, “When my father died, my mother could not meet our needs. Because Jesus loves us, He sent me here for help. Thank you for providing the things we need.”

Steve also observed a few of the 12 water well construction projects completed in April. While onsite, You Turn staff interviewed villagers about the positive impact that clean water is having on their lives.

Salome from Kumindiya Village reported, “This water is healthy for us. The water we were drinking before was polluted by animals. Insects were laying eggs and hatching there.”

When asked how the Gospel was received at the well site, Salome pointed out that this made You Turn stand out from other groups. “When the Gospel was preached, it was good… a mixture of the Gospel and good water!”