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Faith in Action Brings Hope to Orphans, Churches and Dry Villages


Regularly shared reports from our two Lighthouses review the Bible lessons the children are being taught. Recent teachings have focused on learning the books of the Bible in chronological order and resisting temptation by drawing strength from Scripture (Matt. 4). Students like Sandra at the Dedza Lighthouse express their gratitude in video updates for the nutritious meals, academic support, and school supplies they receive, which they couldn’t afford otherwise.

Church Building Progress and Gratitude to Partners

In Malawi, new congregations often gather under trees, despite having been granted land by a village chief for constructing a church. However, the costs of materials needed for a safe and durable structure surpass what can be raised in rural areas where adults earn approximately $1 per day. You Turn pairs donors with verified and supervised church construction projects, such as the Faith Baptist Church in Chamoto Village. Lynn Garden Baptist Church in Tennessee generously funded the replacement of a collapsing building in early 2024, and the construction is near completion.

Water Initiatives

In Chinkuyu Village, Malawi, the well had been out of order for three months until Mulberry Springs Baptist Church and Pastor Danny Warbington provided the necessary funds for its repair. Following the restoration of clean water, You Turn’s well technician, Jeremiah, shared the message of the Gospel. The village expressed gratitude for the restored clean water, emphasizing its crucial role in their lives. With a functioning well, the village’s 320 households can now focus on income-generating activities, free from waterborne diseases and the burden of caring for sick family members.

Join us in supporting orphans, churches, and communities in need of clean water at #faithinaction #youturnmin