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Kaso Church Celebrates Special Visit

In December 2023, One Church and Pastor Josh Steele generously supported the construction and reopening of Kaso Baptist Church. A joyous celebration took place when Pastor Josh visited the church during his mission trip to Mzimba, where he uplifted and encouraged the congregation.

In other church construction news, Lynn Garden Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN is partnering this quarter with You Turn to rebuild Faith Baptist Church in Chamoto Village, Lilongwe District.

Church construction projects go beyond mere buildings. By collaborating with You Turn and donors from the US, village churches receive encouragement knowing that fellow Christians are backing their mission to spread the message of Christ in their community. You Turn carefully assesses churches for active growth and the necessity for suitable structures. Once approved, these churches are added to a waiting list for funding. To manage costs amidst inflation, we have adopted a standardized blueprint and materials list. 

Qualified contractors provide and install bricks, windows, doors, roofing materials, and cement. At the project’s completion, a pulpit, Bibles, and other resources are supplied for the church to use during services. In a region where the rainy season can last from November to April, having a secure and dry building is crucial for the church’s growth.

We welcome families, individuals and churches to become partners in building projects for Malawi’s future church growth.