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Restoring Hope in Mdondwe Village

In the rainy season water is everywhere in Malawi… but it’s not necessarily safe to drink! Partnering with World Help, You Turn recently repaired a well in Mdondwe Village restoring a safe drinking water source for 480 people.

Mission Kampido and his wife Liness live in Mdondwe Village, have four children and their occupation is farming. His family was walking a long distance to find clean water and then standing in line at that working well. Now they pump water right in Mdondwe! Residents also reported that this repair “gives us life again because right now, we are drinking unclean water.”

Thanks to You Turn’s donors, we’re planning more strategic repair projects for the rainy season and new well projects after the rains end in the spring. Our goal is to repair 500 wells and drill 100 new wells in 2024 which will cost $1.2 million. Currently, we’ve raised 10% of this goal. The drilling season extends into November and many villages are waiting. Partner with us to deliver clean water and the Gospel to people in Malawi!