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Combatting Food Scarcity in Malawi

Combatting Food Scarcity in Malawi

The You Turn Ministries Director of Logistics, Steve Lyons, recently had the opportunity to pass out emergency food relief to Msundwe area widows who are raising their grandchildren. Food scarcity is becoming more prevalent among the rural population as food prices have nearly doubled in the last 12 months. Fifty-one percent of all Malawians are under 18 years of age and nearly 1.5 million of those are orphans. Many of these children are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives who struggle to keep them fed.

Ms Magret prepares food from emergency packet

What Steve experienced sheds light on the harsh realities facing many of these women. In desperation, most of them sold the land they had once cultivated for their own gardens. Consequently, they depend on handouts from the local church or other villagers who also feel the pinch of rising food costs. The loss of their land not only affects their ability to provide for their families but also their sense of independence and dignity.

Ms. Magret, shown in the photo, has been a widow for 10 years and lives in Ndeyuzamwayi Village. When Steve showed up with the emergency food packets, there was no food in the house, and there had been none the day before. Magret is raising six orphaned grandchildren and has no garden. Her only recourse has been to ask the local pastor or church for help. While Steve was visiting, she prepared a meal with a food packet, and the children said it tasted good!

If you would like to help provide food for widows and orphans in Malawi, we invite you to give online today!