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Drilling wells with World Help

Drilling Wells With World Help

Partnering with other Gospel ministries to provide clean water is a joy. At You Turn Ministries, we were honored to work with World Help to drill and install wells in the Chilomo, Chimzinga and Kamtosa villages in Malawi.

Our well technician, Jeremy, interviewed villager Ruthie Lyton about how this new well has changed life in Chilomo Village. Mrs. Lyton is 28 years old and a mother to two children. She and her husband Zalirah are farmers.

Ruthie said, “We no longer travel long distances to fetch water, and we are free from waterborne diseases. This is all possible because God has answered our prayers through You Turn Ministries. May God bless you.”

Please consider partnering with us by giving a monthly gift that will help provide access to safe drinking water AND the living water available through Christ.