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Orphan Lighthouse: A Place to Eat, Learn & Play

A Place to Eat, Learn & Play

Caring for orphans in Malawi has been an integral part of You Turn’s ministry for many years. Our Lighthouses are places where children come to eat, learn and play. Unlike traditional orphanages, the children do not live at the Lighthouses, rather, they live with a close family member or friend. However, since they have no parents, there is a great need for additional care and support.

The staff at both of our Lighthouses are devoted to feeding and teaching the children every day after school. In addition to a hot meal, the Lighthouse teams teach Bible stories, offer tutoring for school work and love on the kids in all kinds of fun ways. Our goal is to make these precious children feel known by modeling the love of our heavenly Father.

The video below shows children playing games after school in Dedza. We hope it makes you smile!