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You Turn Ministries Mission Teams

On Mission to Serve the Machinga People

Our goal is “Reaching the Lost People in the Last Places” and connecting with like-minded individuals who share our passion for serving others. With God’s help, we are making a difference one day at a time in southeast Africa.

Since spring, we have been working hard to serve the Machinga people in Malawi through evangelism, discipleship, prayer, leadership training, and church planting. Combined with water projects, and food relief, national missionaries, individuals, and mission teams like Sale Street Baptist Church have laid the foundation for an ongoing outreach. These efforts, partnered with the donors who have given to support You Turn’s vision, are fueling our excitement about the work that will be accomplished in 2024!

Planting healthy churches is challenging yet essential to reach the lost people in the last places. To ensure the success of each church, leaders and members will be trained and empowered for at least 18 months, led by Pastor Rabson and You Turn’s national missionaries Harold Nkhunika and Ernest Chiwayu. The training will include the 12 Characteristics of a Healthy Church, including evangelism, discipleship, leadership, worship, prayer, and missions. Monthly training sessions will emphasize each characteristic for clarity and demonstration in the newly planted churches among the Machinga people.

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