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Water Well Maintence Training

Water Well Maintenance Training

When a water well is repaired in Malawi, we are careful to provide training for the villagers to keep the pump in good repair. The video below shows our founder Joe Veal explaining to Chatwe Village residents how the You Turn water team will teach them how to maintain their village’s pump as part of God’s stewardship.

Grace Samuel, Chatwe VillageMrs. Grace Samuel shared this testimony:

“Our lives have drastically changed. We are now free people who are no longer haunted by the fear of using unclean water. The long distance we had to walk, the valuable time we had to spend just to fetch water is a thing of the past … Because of the water source which You Turn Ministries has given us, we can now fetch water any time of the day. We drink and cook using clean water, something which we never thought we would have.”

If you would like to be a part of the life-transforming work we’re doing in Malawi, we invite you to give toward our water well ministry!