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There is an African saying, “Water is life.” But what if there is no water near your home? Imagine walking 5 miles a day – one way – to carry 5 gallons of brackish, unhealthy water back to your family for all their needs. This is a common way of life in southeast Africa.

Providing safe, clean water opens other gospel opportunities for You Turn Ministries – including church planting. Partnering with a reputable well drilling company, like Doxa Wells, and donors like you means some of the poorest people on earth can have access to life-giving water right in their own villages.

Become a Well Sponsor or GIVE today to provide clean water for families in Africa.

Our Preferred Partner

Doxa Well was founded to provide quality drilling and installation of wells in order to deliver life-giving water to some of the poorest people on earth.

With Christian leadership and an emphasis on ethics and excellence, every well is seen as an opportunity to share the gospel. Doxa Wells is a US company with an established division in Malawi, developing wells in urban and rural areas of southeast Africa.

Learn more at doxawells.com.

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