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Your Monthly support to Maximum Impact prepares us for every challenge and lets us plan for the future.

For those who have never heard the Gospel, orphans, widows, and indigenous churches, your donation to You Turn will make an eternal difference.

You may direct your donation to our MAXIMUM IMPACT FUND or designate it for a specific project. Giving to the MAXIMUM IMPACT FUND allows us to meet our ministry overhead costs and also provides the resources to meet the short comings of important projects that are not fully funded.

You Turn operates with complete fiscal transparency. To request a copy of our latest financial report, please email our treasurer at tlipot@youturnmin.org.

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Maximum Impact Fund

Your donation to the Maximum Impact Fund allows us to direct funding to cover ministry needs and complete projects.

Our new website went live on April 14, 2021. Previous Vanco users may use this button.

NOTE: In Vanco, our Maximum Impact Fund is simply called our General Fund.

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