Updated January 26, 2021


To Whom It May Concern,

This is a statement about You Turn’s official position on travel and continued concerns about the COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

As an organization we are monitoring the Health Department of Malawi Coronavirus information and guidelines as well as those of the United States of America. As of today (January 26,2021), Malawi is seeing a consistent rise of cases. The government of Malawi has instituted some new and temporary guidelines for meetings, schools, churches and etc. Although it is still permitted to enter the country, at present these guidelines hinder our ability to successfully host teams from the USA and carry out ministry assignments. Therefore, we do not have any mission teams currently scheduled until March and are cautiously optimistic of a return to a normal travel schedule at that time. We are optimistic that all summer teams will be able to continue planning for mission activities in Malawi as we have in the past. There will be new requirements for international travel imposed by both the United States and Malawi. You Turn is carefully watching and staying up to date on these requirements/regulations. Currently, Malawi requires a negative PCR test for Covid-19 prior to entry into the country. The health guidelines also require a negative test prior to exiting the country. CDC in America now requires a negative Covid-19 test to re-enter the country. The Malawi exit test and the CDC required test carry the same requirement. The test must be taken within 72 hours of the first flight. The United States requires that all those passengers returning to the US on the flights must not have a layover of over 24 hours and must be on one continuous ticket.

Please be assured that we are monitoring conditions carefully and will update everyone if the situation changes. If you have any questions about travel, mission trips or changing flight regulations please contact Steve Lyons at steve@youturnmin.org

Please pray for those affected by the virus and that all people will trust the Lord and use wisdom in this situation.

As more information is available we will update our statement. Further information can be found at www.cdc.gov/COVID19

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