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The Dedza district is in the Central Region of Malawi. It covers an area of 2252 miles to the south of the Malawi capital, Lilongwe. The last recorded population of the district was 830,512 people in 2018, based on previous growth trends it is anticipated to be substantially more than that currently.

DOXA has identified several villages in the Dedza District of Malawi that currently have broken wells.  As the rainy season ends it is critical that their well be repaired, or they will no longer have access to water.  Without a well, girls will have to walk on average 3.7 miles to carry back disease ridden water.  Villages will see an increase in deaths, and children will not be able to go to school.

The DOXA Difference…
DOXA Wells has created a better designed replacement part system that is made of materials that will aid in better performance and longevity.  Additionally, DOXA Wells smart pump monitor technology transmits data through a satellite that tracks usage and volume.  Should the pump malfunction a repair team of bi-vocational pastors will ensure that physical and living water will always flow abundantly.
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